Education stands as the cornerstone of a progressive community, and Somerset schools, Calgary, takes immense pride in offering diverse and comprehensive learning opportunities for its younger residents.

Elementary Schools: Building Strong Foundations

These institutions lay the groundwork for academic success, ensuring children get the best start to their educational journey.

Somerset Elementary

With a focus on holistic education, this school balances academic rigor with co-curricular pursuits, ensuring well-rounded development.

Maple Leaf Academy

This institution, with its innovative teaching methods, emphasizes creativity and problem-solving, preparing students for future challenges.

Middle Schools: Transition and Growth

Bridging the gap between primary and secondary education, Somerset’s middle schools offer the perfect environment for pre-teens to flourish.

Somerset Bridge Middle School

Known for its exemplary sports and arts programs, this school fosters talents while ensuring academic excellence.

Western Horizon School

With a focus on technology and digital learning, students are equipped with 21st-century skills, making them future-ready.

High Schools: Preparing for the World Beyond

Somerset’s high schools are not just about textbooks and exams; they’re about preparing young adults for higher education and the world at large.

Somerset High

Offering both Advanced Placement (AP) and vocational courses, it caters to diverse student needs, ensuring each one charts their unique path to success.

Crestwood Academy

A blend of academic rigor and community service, students are nurtured to be responsible citizens and leaders of tomorrow.

Beyond the Classroom: Extracurricular Opportunities

Education in Somerset isn’t confined to the classroom.

Sports Leagues

From soccer to badminton, Somerset schools offer myriad sports leagues, ensuring students stay physically active and team-oriented.

Arts and Culture Festivals

Regularly organized, these events provide a platform for students to showcase their talents and learn about diverse cultures.

In Conclusion

With a rich tapestry of schools and educational opportunities, Somerset, Calgary, ensures its young residents are well-equipped to face the challenges of the future.

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