Somerset, a quaint community in Calgary, buzzes with a unique entrepreneurial spirit. This spirit not only enriches the local economy but also weaves a tapestry of diverse services and products for its residents. Let’s explore the local businesses making Somerset distinctly vibrant.

Retail Spaces: From Unique Boutiques to Essential Goods

The businesses that cater to the varied tastes and needs of Somerset’s inhabitants.

Handcrafted Heaven

A store specializing in artisan goods, offering unique finds while supporting local creators.

Somerset Grocery

Your neighborhood store, ensuring fresh produce and essentials are always at hand.

Food and Beverage: A Culinary Journey in Your Backyard

Showcasing an array of eateries, cafes, and bars that enchant the palate.

The Cozy Café

A beloved spot for freshly brewed coffee and homemade pastries amidst a warm ambiance.

Somerset Bistro

Where flavors meet finesse, offering gourmet dishes with a local twist.

Health and Wellness: Nurturing Body and Soul

Businesses focused on ensuring the physical and mental well-being of the community.

Yoga Harmony

A studio where residents unwind and align, offering classes for all proficiency levels.

Somerset Wellness Pharmacy

Providing not just medical supplies but a holistic approach to community health.

Home and Lifestyle: Elevating Daily Living

Ensuring homes in Somerset are spaces of comfort, beauty, and utility.

Somerset Décor Hub

Bringing interiors to life with a range of homewares, furnishings, and décor items.

The Garden Green

Helping your gardens flourish with premium plants, tools, and expert advice.

Professional Services: Expertise that Enriches

Connecting residents with skilled professionals for varied needs.

Legal Ease Associates

Offering legal advice and services, navigating through all life’s eventualities.

Somerset Financial Solutions

Your local guide through investments, savings, and effective financial planning.

In Conclusion

The local businesses of Somerset, Calgary, stand as pillars of the community, creating a robust network that supports, nurtures, and enriches every resident’s life. By choosing to support them, you are not only enjoying quality services and products but also strengthening the vibrant spirit of Somerset.

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